Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Dalam Pencegahan Stunting Di Desa Binangun Kecamatan Bantarsari Kabupaten Cilacap

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Imam Agus Faizal
Frisca Dewi Yunadi
Tatang Tajudin


Stunting is a chronic malnutrition problem caused by a lack of nutritional intake for quite a long time, resulting in impaired growth in children, namely the child's height is lower or shorter (dwarf) than the standard age. The method of implementing this community service, carried out Health education is divided into several stages of implementation, namely socialization, counseling and distribution of stunting prevention educational leaflets. Data from the pre-test questionnaire with the theme of stunting, the number of questions consisting of 2 essay questions and 7 multiple choice questions followed by 13 cadres in Binangun Village has an average score of 51.64, it can be concluded that the category is less. As many as 9 respondents were in the bad category, 3 respondents were in the good category and only 1 respondent had 1 very good category. While the results of the post-test questionnaire experienced a significant increase after the material and knowledge presentation session, namely the average value of 84.61 was categorized very well including the very good category of 8 respondents. The results of the first essay question related to the importance of solids in toddlers aged 6 months and over in toddlers as many as 10 respondents answered correctly, only 2 respondents answered incorrectly. While the two questions regarding the first food given to toddlers other than breast milk, the average answer is team porridge can be used as MPASL. 2 people have an age of 97 months. While the average age of the baby is 9.88 months with a minimum age of 1 month and a maximum age of 10 months out of a total of 18 babies. Data results Analysis of the distribution of the frequency of the baby's height as many as 7 babies with 48 cm, as many as 6 babies with 49 cm data. Then the average height of the baby is 48.11 cm, the maximum height of the baby is 50 cm and the minimum height is 46 cm with a total of 18 babies. Data results Analysis of the frequency distribution of baby weight as many as 5 babies with 3 kg, as many as 2 with 3.10 kg data. Then the average baby weight is 3.01 cm, the maximum baby weight is 3.90 kg and the minimum body weight is 1.80 kg with a total of 18 babies. Data on the results of the sex frequency distribution for babies in Binangun Village were 9 babies, namely boys and 9 babies, namely girls.

Keywords: stunting, prevention


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